A beautiful stay and a safe trip.

We can also stay on the outskirts of Jávea. We will not have as much atmosphere as in Arenal or in the center of town, but there are very interesting accommodations and if you are looking for tranquility, it can be a very good option, The environment in the middle of nature, the spectacular rooms, swimming pool, sauna, spa service, spectacular restaurant and quality of service. Ideal to disconnect on your vacation.

On the other hand, we must talk a little about travel insurance, it is one of the main things when preparing a trip. Although Jávea is located within Spain and we have Social Security, we always contract travel insurance since we do not have Private Insurance and also because we have coverage in case of cancellation, lost luggage and much more. The best thing about insurance is not having to use it, but if anything happens, it is better to have good travel insurance, which can allow us peace of mind on our vacations.

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